Preparation Centres

The Asociación Escola Rosalía de Castro is the authorized Cambridge Assessment English Examination Center ES269. As such, it does not impart classes for other students than from the Escola Rosalía de Castro, thus maintaining its independence and support for all its Preparation Centers.

There are many centers which have put their trust in us and which are part of our network. In this section you can find information about them and find the one you are looking for to receive professional training and quality advice during the preparation of your exam. Find your Preparation Center by using our search engine.

If you want to be part of the network and become a preparation center and obtain your advertising space on our website, please contact us by calling us at 986 420 433 or by emailing us:


There are lots of free resources and sample test questions available. Following the links, you only have to select which paper you would like to practice: