Test Dates in Vigo and Registration

Test fee: € 212

Test dateIELTS AcademicIELTS GeneralLast registration dayResults
Saturday, December 1stRegistration ACRegistration GTTuesday, November 27thFriday, December 14th
Saturday, March 23thRegistration ACRegistration GTTuesday, March 17thFriday, April 5th
Saturday, July 27th

The registration process consists of several steps, all indispensable:
Fill the form, upload your ID and choose the payment method.
Payments must be made within 24 hours after registration.
Registrations will only be considered valid when payment of the full price has been received.
To avoid errors in the issuance of final certificates, it is very important that you pay special attention when covering your data. The Asociación Escola Rosalia de Castro is not responsible for spelling errors or accents in the certificates.

Important notes:

Candidates who apply for the Academic IELTS and General IELTS tests must be photographed at the center at the same day of the exam. The photograph will appear on the certificate.

The availability of exams is related to a minimum number of registered candidates. The Escola Rosalía de Castro Association reserves the right, in case of not reaching this minimum, to cancel the exam. In this case the Escola Rosalía will reimburse the registration fee to the candidates enrolled in the test not held.